Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Birds, Berries & Bushnell Trail Cams!

We had a lot to cram in our one hour of WOW!Club this week! First, we organised all our bird food into the tray system that Ms MacRae had bought... it will make it much easier for us to manage it and keep it tidy when she is not there!

We filled up all the feeders and had a new one to use... a fat ball one. We learnt that it is important to remove the netting from the fat balls before putting them in the feeder as birds can get caught in them.

Once we had done that, it was time for us to have a play with some Bushnell Trail Cams! Ms MacRae has quite a few of these and does lots of work with them! Her videos can be seen on her website. Here's one she took with her trail cam at a badger sett!

 We were all excited as we learnt how they work. They are a little remote camera that is operated by AA batteries  On the front are some special lamps that give out invisible night light called infra-red that the camera can see, but we can't. It means the camera can 'see' and take videos even in pitch dark! Cool! Also on the front is a hole with the lens of the camera and a black curved rectangle which it the PIR... the passive infra-red sensor. This detects movement and body hear and triggers the camera to take pictures or a video. We set the two Bushnells to take 20 second videos. Hopefully the Bushnells will take some videos of any of the wildlife that passes. It will save it onto an SD card and we can upload it next week.

We set out on a mission to check out where we could place the trail cams. We decided on two spots... one in our woodland area and one facing into a field where there was a hole in the fence....

We are excited to see if they capture anything over the next week!

On the way back, we looked at Nature's wonderful larder..... lots of berries on our hedgerow!

These berries will be an important food source for the birds when it get colder.

By the time we got back, it was home time! Another WOW! Club over !