Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Bushnell Trail Cam Excitement!

We were anxious to get down and collect the Bushnell Trail Cams we set up last week, to see if we had captured any interesting wildlife over the week. We ran down to the woodland and field area where we had set them up and were relieved to see they were still there, safe and sound! Ms MacRae had locked them on to the tree, so we unlocked them and took them back to the classroom where we had a laptop set up on the whiteboard. We took the SD card out and popped it in the laptop. We were all very excited! We started by looking at the one that was on the field. There were loads of clips, but a lot of them seemed to be the grass waving! We did see a few magpies take the peanuts we put out and also a squirrel who was very happy to find the stash of food. There did not seem to be many exciting animals captured on this Bushnell, so we took a look at the card from the Bushnell we had set up in the woodland area. It was on a trail that runs through and, again, we had put a stash of peanuts.

We could see by the file name that there were lots of triggers at night, so we started looking at those. Some had a mouse, then we all gave a massive cheer.... we had captured some video footage of a fox visiting! This is what we had been hoping for. Some children had said they had seen a fox in the school grounds early some mornings..... now we had proof that they really are around.... here is a bit of the footage we captured....

We were so excited, we called some of the other teachers in as well to see!

We had about ten clips of this fox, who lay down to eat lots of the peanuts, then wandered off. We did capture some other clips as well, but we will have a go at editing these ourselves in the ICT suite over the coming weeks.