Saturday, 8 October 2011

Ms MacRae shares her seed prize with WOW! Club

Buying food for our birds at school can cost a lot of money....  but this week Ms MacRae bought in two big bags of seed for the birds at school.

Ms MacRae had won 'Best Bird Garden' which is sponsored by a bird food company called 'Just for Birds'. She had an article all about her garden in 'Bird Watching' magazine, Summer Special. Her prize was 4 big sacks of food. As we have lots of hungry bird mouths to feed over the coming winter, Ms MacRae donated half of her prize to school!

Here we are with the two sacks she brought in... this should keep us (and the birds!) going for a while!

If you would like to help out WOW! club by donating any feed, feeders or anything to help us in our wildlife club, then please contact Ms MacRae at