Saturday, 8 October 2011

We make our Bird Table!

With screw driver and electric drill in hand, Wildlife Club were keen to see if they could make our new bird table this week. We opened the box and spread all the parts out. We looked carefully at the instructions and split the task between all of us so everyone would get a go at using the drill and playing a part in the bird table's construction.

Everyone worked really well as a team to create all the different parts of the bird table.....

Within about 40 minutes, we had managed to complete it. This table is a bit smaller than our main one and we are positioning it close to the hedge to try and attract birds that might be a bit too nervous to come right up close to school. We were all pretty proud of ourselves for managing to build it!

We will now keep an eye out and see what starts visiting.

We also added a new feeder to the live stream camera.... this is a bird 'cookie'... suet in the middle and seed all around the edge. We are sure the birds are going to LOVE it!