Wednesday, 12 October 2011

WOW! Club Hedgehog House

This week in WOW! Club, we made a place for hedgehogs to hibernate. We used materials that we had around school, so it would cost us absolutely nothing! We knew that hedgehogs often hibernate in compost heaps or piles of leaves, so we tried to recreate a 'posh' version of that!
We started with a waterproof collapsable bin that we had in school. This would form the main part of our hedgehog house.

We chose a corner of our garden, under a tree and out of the way.

We smoothed the earth underneath and put a layer of leaves down. We then used lots of canes and twigs to build up a teepee type affect around the bin to hold it in place and to protect it and stop it collapsing. Gradually we built a 'cage' structure over the top, leaving a part at the front for an entrance. We took debris off our compost heap, such as bamboo leaves and wove them around the twigs. We packed all the spaces with dried leaves to insulate it all.

Taking some bricks and some old log roll, we then built a little entrance hole to our hedgehog house. We tipped two big containers full of leaves on top of our house and patted then down.

Finally, we added some hay and some leaves inside.

We were very pleased with the finished product... we just hope the hedgehogs like it as much as we do!