Saturday, 5 November 2011

Thank you Ark Wildlife!

Wildlife Club were very excited this week to receive some goodies from Ark Wildlife! Ark had kindly sent Ms MacRae some kit from their warehouse clear-out! We were delighted to have two new hedgehog houses for our wildlife area and a frog house too!

Ark Wildlife have a website where you can buy loads of wildlife goodies... so take a look if you have a chance!

Here we are with these three homes for wildlife in our Wildlife Area....

 We talked about each wildlife home and where we should put them. We are probably a bit late for hibernating hedgehogs now, but we filled them with some hay and leaves... just in case! We chose two places to put them. We placed the first one under a bush, next to the wall.....
We covered it with some leaves and foliage.
We placed the second one up near our log pile, by an old fence....

We decided to place this little ceramic frog and toad home up near our pond. We made a little hollow in the long grass near the pond and nestled it in there. We hope some frogs move in because Ms MacRae was surprised to find out that some of us had never seen a frog close up!!

We want the other pupils to know about these homes and that they must not be disturbed so, as it was getting dark, we came inside and made some signs to go next to the homes. We said what they were and asked pupils not to disturb them. Ms MacRae laminated them and we stapled them onto sticks that we could press into the ground next to each house!

 A good evening's work in WOW Club!! Thank you again to Ark Wildlife for donating these items to school.