Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WOW Club Feeding Station gets a makeover!

Another busy meeting at WOW! Club as we all worked on re-designing our feeding station that is on our live camera. We wanted to spread the feeders out a bit... and add some more as well.

First we took a milk carton and we used it to make a funnel feeder filler for out seed and peanut. We simply cut a section out of the milk carton and then created a funnel. We then tested out straight away... and it worked brilliantly!

We banged a post into the ground and then took a long piece of wood. We screwed some cup hooks in it, to hang a selection of feeders.....

We then fixed all our bird feeders along the piece of wood....

We moved the camera so it looks along all the feeders. We also have a good view of the bird feeders from school so we can have regular bird watches!

Can you see the log feeder??? One of our pupils made some of these with his grandad and brought them into school.... brill aren't they!!

We were all very proud of our new feeding station and we hope the birds really like it too!

It was getting dark, so we came into school. We started doing some information cards to go near the feeding station. We talked about which birds might come and then we each chose one species. We started to work on the computers .... our info cards were soon looking GREAT!!!