Tuesday, 15 November 2011

WOW! Robin Wild Art

The WOW! Club have been very productive today. Ms MacRae had seen a competition organised by The Woodland Trust, where you had to design and make some art out in the environment. It was the perfect activity for WOW Club, so we set to work straight away as we do not have long after school before it starts getting dark!

As we are heading toward Christmas, we decided to create a robin. We drew it out in chalk on the paving slabs and looked carefully at a picture to see all the different colours we would need.

We then set to work... racing here, there and everywhere all around the school grounds, we searched for leaves and materials that were the colours we needed for our robin: browns (different shades), reds (lots of bright ones!) some pale ones for the underneath (these were the hardest to find) and then something for the eyes and the legs.

Some of the club found some berries... shiny and black... just what we needed for the eyes. Hawthorn berries added a lovely bright hue to the breast too.

We used all the materials to cover the robin template, carefully choosing the correct shades that we needed. It took us about half an hour to completely fill the robin and to build his legs out of some twigs.

We were all really pleased and proud of what we had produced.... and just a little sad that once the wind blew, our wonderful art work would end up back all over the garden!

We took lots of photos of it and we hope it will be there in the morning for the other pupils to see too!

We are going to enter it for The Woodland Trust ARTventure competition and we really hope that we win a prize!

We hope you like our robin. Ms MacRae is thinking that is is so good, that this might be the first of many wildlife inspired pieces of art... but the next one will be something a little more permanent... one which won't just blow away in the wind!