Friday, 3 February 2012

Bird School's Bird Watch

We have been busy preparing for the Big School's Birdwatch and our bird feeding station has been grwoing... and with that so have the numbers and species visiting!

We were really lucky to have a super feeder and some food donated to us from Peckish Bird Foods. We loved the feeder as we thought it looked like a rocket. The bags of food were super too as one bag had a brill spout which made pouring really easy and the other had a plastic zip on it, so we could reseal the bag. We all thought these were really cool design features! Peckish had also sent us some fat balls and feeders for those! THANK YOU!!!

We had got a new metal pole with hooks on so we could have even more feeders, so we filled everything up and hung all the treats up ready for our feathered friends!

 All that was left was to put the finishing touches to our display....

... and to finish off the bird feeders we had started to make last week. We took these home with us to put in our own gardens.

We then left the new feeders for the birds to get used to them... it did not take long!

On the Monday, we then did our bird watch and were delighted to see lots!

- Blackbirds
- Woodpigeons
- Great tits
- Blue tits
- Greenfinches
- Goldfinches
- Chaffinches
- Dunnocks
- Robin
- Magpies
- Crows

... and we are getting better at recognising them now...