Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Potato chitting and Arkive Competition

Time flew last week at Wow! Club as we were pretty busy! Firstly, we had just received all the 'Grow Your Own Potatoes' kit from The Potato Council and we need to get started if we are going to win the competition to grow the biggest crop!!

The kit comes with everything you need.... two varieties of potato, bags to grow them in, labels and leaflets. Here we are with all the bits and pieces, ready to get going!

 We read all about what we have to do and put our potatoes into a tray to allow them to 'chit'... this means that they will start to sprout. We leave them until the second week in March then we plant them into the bags and look after them until June. In June we harvest them and see what weight of potatoes we have grown. We are then going to cook a meal out of them and eat the meal at WOW! Club!

Remember a few weeks ago, we did the Big School Bird Watch? Well the kind people at Nature's Feast were impressed and very kindly sent us some certificates! We were all really pleased with them! THANK YOU Nature's Feast! The birds are loving our Nature's Feast Bird Feeder too... it is the yellow one with sunflower hearts in it.

Since we won the Woodland Trust ArtVenture Competition we are keen to try some more. The Arkive website (wwww.arkive.org) are running a competition all about endangered animals. It is called the 'Creative Climate Change Challenge' We wanted to enter, so we went onto their website and read up about all the species that are in danger and why they are so. We have to come up with an innovative or exciting way to communicate the climate change message to our friends and family. Using any method we want, we have to inspire people to care about climate change using our chosen species as a mascot.

We did some research, ready to carry on at the next WOW! Club.....