Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bird Box cameras and Koalas!

We already have one nest box with a camera at school and last year we had some blue tits nesting in it. This year, we have just switched our live stream cameras over to the nest box, rather than on the feeders. We have already seen a blue tit looking in, so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

 Ms MacRae bought us another one today... she has got SO many in her garden, that she had this spare one. It is one from Aldi. She has added a little window in the side  to allow more light in for a better image. We plugged it in and had a look on the monitor to check the image.

 Some of us stuck our finger through the entrance hole to see if the others could see it! .... yes!... it was working fine.

 We mounted it up on the side of the school building. It would be great if we had two nest boxes with birds in them!

Our wildlife area is starting to spring into life... the crocuses are out and the daffodils are in bud....

We had also received part of our Woodland Trust ArtVenture competition prize! A big Art Pack (we are going to have a wildlife art session soon with that!) and a book by Richard Shilling, the artist we are going to have a day with. We are still organising that.

Next we set to business working more on our Arkive Competition entry. We have split into groups, as we all wanted to do different animals. One group have decided to do a Koala rap!! They have found out lots about koalas and this week, made some masks!!

Once again, we ran out of time...... we'll have to continue next week .